I wanted to compile further readings that I have personally learned greatly from. We are all in a process of growth into self-love, body neutrality, and body positivity, so please take some time to explore these resources. I will be updating this as I come across more resources.

When “Moti’ And Unmarriageable is all That You Are In South Asian Culture by Zahra Haider

Fat People Deserve to Glorify our Bodies by Sherronda J. Brown

Fat-Shaming and the South Asian Community by Fabliha Anbar

Fatphobia, Casteism, and the Pressures of Being a South Asian Daughter with Sonalee Rashatwar 

From New York to Instagram: The history of the body positivity movement by Tigress Osborn

I also want to create a space to uplift social justice movements that I may not be at the forefront of, but are equally important to promoting equity in the world. The following links are NOT an exhaustive list of the ways to be an effective ally, but they are at least a starting place.

Info Central offers a very extensive list of different petitions, educational resources, and donation spots for a myriad of issues.

Black Lives Matter. Black Women’s Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter.

Help the Environment provides resources for consumer-focused environmental justice actions.

Support Indian Farmers and help India fight COVID-19 – we need to keep fighting these fights even when the news forgets about them.

Free Palestine, always and forever. I won’t stand for anti-semitism on any of my platforms and I will also not stand for Zionist beliefs.

If you have suggestions for other articles or links that you have personally found useful, I would love to add them to the list!

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