Never Have I Ever… Disliked Representation This Much

Never Have I Ever has had mixed reviews all over the internet, but no one is talking about a crucial choice for representation that the show made this season: their discussion of eating disorders. Dive into the analysis of this new form of representation for South Asian Americans with this whirlwind of a show.

Just Take the Picture

Posing information is usually tailored to smaller bodies, and when it is given for bigger bodies, it’s usually about hiding our weight. It has taken me a long time to find poses that actually feel flattering to my body and don’t have a huge learning curve. I hope everything I share in this piece can help people of all body types, and I’m especially rooting for all my bigger folks reading this. 

Asian Representation in the Fat Community

Whenever I shop in the plus-size section of a website, I never see plus-size Asians modeling the clothes. Let’s dissect the different stigmas and stereotypes that may be limiting Asian representation within this specific community of fat models.

Is the way we talk about Desi aunties rooted in misogyny?

Many young Desis struggle against the “log kya kahenge” mindset almost every day. But while this sentiment reigns among a lot of elderly Indians, regardless of gender, we seem to be most pressed by the imposition of these standards by the aunties. Let’s explore why we disproportionately blame older Indian women for their internalized biases and how we can move away from that.

Reflections on Indian American Representation

I want to share my culture from a holistic view. So, I think it’s right to show you how I got to where I am, how my culture has formed me, and how I intend to engage with it here and on all my platforms.

What does “ethical fashion” really mean?

As concerns about our growing impact on the environment have become part of mainstream discussions, there has been a growing dialogue about the impact of fast fashion on our planet. Explore how we can minimize our carbon footprint with our fashion choices and how we can incentivize companies to follow suit.