About Me

Hello friends and welcome! My name is Renuka (RAY-noo-kuh), and I’m based in Berkeley, CA. If you love intentional fashion, body positivity, and South Asian culture, you’ve found the right place.

A little more about me, I grew up with the very familiar third culture for many South Asian Americans, surrounded by a conglomeration of Desi and American culture my whole life. So you can say that I’m probably more than a little desi (haha). But growing up in a bigger body, I have never really been considered “little” and I hadn’t really reconciled my feelings around my body image until quarantine hit. 

Over the past year, I have taken an active role in unlearning a lot of internalized biases I didn’t know I had, especially around body imagery. Social media has been a powerful tool in my personal growth, but I often found I was the only fat South Asian in these spaces. While I continue to learn and unlearn, I hope to use my platforms to expand representation in the body positive narrative and provide a supportive place of growth for others. 

I’m personally tired of hearing the sad “white kids made fun of my daal” stories from Desi creators. So I can promise you now, this platform will strive to engage in thoughtful discussions of the South Asian American experience. I want to celebrate the joys in this unique subset of culture and challenge our community to grow.

If you’re new here, start with Creating a Common Language on Body Imagery. It’ll create a frame for how I approach body-positive rhetoric throughout the rest of my writing. My inbox and DMs are always open, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and continue the conversation. I just ask that you respect the guidelines for engagement that I set out in my Contact form.

My Values

South Asian culture is beautiful AND our community still needs to grow.

Ethical fashion is inclusive of everyone involved in the process.

Practice body neutrality towards self, body positivity towards all.

Let’s build a community together.

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